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Is This a Great Time To Buy a Home or What?

by Liz Warren

Lets face it, the media has beaten down buyer confidence in the housing industry to small sized orange juice pulp. It's the herd mentality again. The rush to Dot Com stocks, crash, the run to real estate investing, crash, and now the touting of "it's going to get even worse in housing"  syndrome.

Opportunities are passing buyers by right now. Historically low interest rates, a huge glut of properties and many motivated sellers? Sounds like a buyers nirvana to me.


Government Camp: Golden Poles Condo Roof Is Giving Way

by Liz Warren

Huge amounts of snow has fallen locally and particularly in Government Camp. They received six and a half feet in six days!  The amount of structural damage is just now showing up as the snow melts. Today the roof started to collapse in the Golden Poles Units near Multorpor Meadows. Beams are cracking and chimney damage is occurring.  Once all the snow is gone there will probably be an even greater amount of damage uncovered. Here is the news story and video:

see story and video here



Oregon Trail School District Needs A New High School Desperately!

by Liz Warren

The Oregon Trail School District has formed a Task Force who has been working very hard on the high school issues at hand. They are recommending a November 2008 bond election to build a new 1,600 student high school and improve safety, security, and deterioration issues at other district facilities.

To read about the bottom line and outline of what is needed you can download this pdf file of information.    

click here

If you have ever visited Sandy High School, you will understand why this is an urgent need not only for area children but this will help maintain a more stable and desirable community for the entire area from Sandy and Boring to Welches and Government Camp.


Cumulative Days On Market

by Liz Warren

Gone are the days when agents would reenter a listing as new to draw attention to a property or to market it as "new" in the eyes of the public. The latest statistic for real estate agents straight from multiple listing is the "cumulative days on market" field.

Cumulative Days on Market  really tells the true story vs "days on market" since the property didn't sell the first time, this is the true marketing time. The true time from start to finish with a sale, with price adjustments, new agents or companies entering the picture: it's the whole enchilada.

Today's statistics show the inventory for Government Camp, Welches, Rhododendron, and Brightwood at around 87 properties for sale. We have a current 17 month supply of homes! Average days on market: 78 but cumulative days on market: 101. That's a 22% difference in perception.

Rather than going through the math at a painful pace through the history section, this simplifies the process.

Clackamas County Town Hall Meeting in Welches this Saturday

by Liz Warren
Here is the Welches Town Hall Meeting Agenda for this Saturday at the Welches Grade School
Clackamas County's
Board of Directors Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, February 16, 2007
Welches Elementary School Multipurpose room
Meeting: 9:30 am - noon
check in starts at 9:00


1. Welcome & Board Introductions

2. Review and approve minutes, November 17, 2007

3. Resort at the Mountain: Upgrades and Plans for the Future
     -- Frank Casarez, General Manager

4. Presentation on "911" -- Hoodland Fire District

5. Clackamas County Report -- Christine Roth

6. Audience question and answer period

7. Adjourment

Snow Delays Inspections and Showings

by Liz Warren

Record snowfall in the area has slowed down home showings and scheduled home inspections over the past several weeks. Nearly the entire forest service cabin areas above Rhododendron are inaccessible by vehicles due to nearly three feet of snow in some areas. Local roads still have substantial snow banks at access areas making some less traveled roads difficult to access.

I recently took a client to Government Camp to see a chalet and not only was the home completely obscured by the snow plowed away from the road but the mountain of snow to climb to get to the front door was not negotiable.

Look for extended marketing times this winter due to serious snow amounts.

1031 Tax Exchange Audits Are Coming!

by Liz Warren

Tthe IRS is taking a serious look at what is happening with 1031 tax exchanges. If you do an exchange your chance of an audit just went up. The IRS promises a new exchange auditing program soon. Minnesota will audit all 1031 exchanges starting this year.

What is this all about? Well, the IRS took a good look at six large exchange companies and discovered a whopping 875 million dollars in lost revenue due to sloppy paperwork and a lack of enforcement for incomplete or illegal tax exchanges. That is a lot of money for tax strapped states and feds to potentially get their hands on. That is probably the tip of the ice burg if you look at all the other small exchange companies!

Be prepared for all states to change their laws on how the exchangers or intermediaries are regulated. Laws are changing in many states requiring the exchangers to be "licensed, and bonded". Eventually, this will mean fewer exchange companies and much higher fees.

Log Home Lovers! 1928 Classic Log Cabin!

by Liz Warren

Unbelieveable 1928 cabin in great condition! Built with logs from the property by Claus Holdfelt and advised by Steiner. This cabin features a main bedroom and a small loft right over the living room. There's a rock fireplace, hardwood floors, a gourmet kitchen with tons of cabinets and an updated bathroom complete with clawfoot tub. The cabin sits are just under a half acre and has a covered porch and a woodshed. Located in Rhododendron and only one block from the Zig Zag River. Many of the furnishings were hand made by the original builder and are included in the purchase. Only 15 minutes to premium skiing! One hour from Portland! $269950!

Take a Tour Here!

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