Mt. Hood National Forest Info

Mt. Hood National Forest Info


If you're interested in purchasing a leased land Forest Service cabin in the Mt. Hood National Forest there are a few things you may want to know prior to your search and investment in a cabin. I highly recommend that you read the forest service use permit and get acquainted with some of the rules governing ownership prior to looking at properties to save you time and to educate yourself about the differences in deeded land vs. leased land.
Forest cabins are extremely popular due to their close proximity to skiing and hiking.  The pristine forest settings provide exceptional locations. Many cabins are located along rivers and creeks such as the Zig Zag River, Still Creek and Camp Creek. Some cabins are quite primitive with single wall construction and outhouses.  Others have amenities such as dishwashers, washers and dryers, and even garages. These cabins may only be used as second homes and may not be used as a primary residence.
An information guide for potential new buyers is handy for review. This document will explain what the forest service wants you to know about buying and owning a cabin on leased land.

The forest service summer home program began in 1914 so the program has been in existence a long time. A future purchaser needs to read the forest service use permit, which is transferred to a new owner upon a sale. The permit lists the rules and regulations of ownership similar to a homeowners association.

The new lease/forest service use permit , a twenty year permit, and lease fee went into effect January 1, 2009. Lease fees are increasing and will eventually be between $1,800 to $2600 range depending upon their locations. Homeowner groups are working on getting these fees stabilized or reduced. More info may be found at the Oregon Forest Homeowner's Association.
Any questions concerning the permit, regulations, and interpretation of rules should be addressed to Fran Lanagan at the Zig Zag Ranger Station at 503-622-2031. You may receive a quicker response by emailing Fran Lanagan at [email protected] 

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For even more details on cabin ownership and the yearly use fee read about  CUFFA, (the Cabin Users Fairness Act)  And, this just in.....the Cabin Fee Act Just Passed Congress!  Frequently asked questions about the newly passed Cabin Fee Act.

Read Operations and Maintenance guidelines for cabins.  

Find contact numbers for the Mt. Hood National Forest and the Mt. Hood Homeowners Association  here.

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