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Sit on your deck and watch the clouds blow by! This incredible Clear Hilld Condo has a million dollar view. It's an upper unit with two bedrooms and two baths, a stone fireplace, cozy dining and kitchen area, spacious bedrooms, a washer and dryer, storage area and its own carport. Enjoy the Resort at the Mountain and golf the 27 hole golf course. New Resort ownership will place this unit in high demand with millions of dollars of renovations in the works. Only one hour from Portland and a 15 minute drive to premium ski slopes.

Tour the condo here

Monday Morning Inspriation

by Liz Warren




The illusion that personal gain is made up of crushing others


The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected


Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it


Refusing to set aside trivial preferences


Neglecting development and refinement of the mind, and not acquiring the habit of reading and study


Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C. - 43 B.C.)


Imagine that you lived 50 years before the birth of Christ. What if one of the educated sages suggested that if you traveled to the ends of the known world he could still carry on a conversation with you? What would you say to him? No doubt, "That's impossible!!!" would have been your answer. Yet, even then, radio sound waves existed. They were undiscovered, but they existed.

What if someone said it were possible to travel to the moon and back? Same answer - "Impossible!"

Would your answer to those questions be the same today? Think how often we fail to set goals for ourselves because we believe them to be "impossible". We won't even dare to try because of the artificial limitations we place upon ourselves. Just because we haven't seen or heard of something being accomplished before, we assume it to be impossible.

So . . . what would you like to accomplish? What steps would you need to take to bring your objective to fruition? The solution, the realization of, the path to your objective already exists - it just lies hidden at the present moment. Because it is not in sight, however, is no reason to assume it is not within your grasp.

Sometimes it is necessary to "let go" of the limitations that hold us back. In letting go of the need to control the outcome, we allow our desired objective to approach us without hindrance. If it sounds a little deep and complex, it's really not. For more on this fascinating concept, pick up a copy of Wayne Dyer's "Wisdom of the Ages."

Monday Morning Inspiration

by Liz Warren


"If you're gonna go, go like hell. If your mind's not made up, don't use your spurs."

From "Don't Squat With Your Spurs On!" ("A Cowboy's Guide to Life" by Texas Bix Bender)


When you're ready to ride, don't wear your Nikes. Put on your boots and spurs, and let your horse know you mean to ride hard. Then - ride with passion.

How many times have you thought of achieving a dream - only to spend more time in the dreaming and planning than in the doing? No problem - we all do it from time to time. The old nemesis - fear of failure and the unknown - haunts all of us occasionally, keeping us from reaching our objective.

Think back to the last time you took action with a burning passion! Were you competing for a gold medal, fighting for your life under adverse circumstances, or vying for the heart of your beloved? Something was motivating you to the limit, and you refused to quit.

So, what's your passion right now - today? Maybe it's an education, a new career, getting in shape, having more freedom, money & status, or closer family ties. Whatever your desired direction in life, put on your spurs, mount your horse, and hit the trail! There's no greater joy in life than putting everything you've got into an achievement - and then realizing you've overcome all the obstacles.

Ride hard, buckaroo!


FHA lending is changing this summer!

by Liz Warren

Many home buyers are going for FHA loans vs. conventional loans recently. In fact, over the past six months FHA lending has doubled!

Major changes are happening in FHA. The big difference will be in the insurance premiums and interest rates for the loans. If you are a high risk borrower your premiums will be higher and your interest rate higher. This of course is based on your FICO score (credit score). If you have a good FICO score you will pay a lower premium (currently 1.5% of the loan which is rolled into your total loan package)

Low FICO score will pay 2.25% fee

High FICO score could pay 1.25% fee.

Depending on your downpayment and FICO scores there are many variables with rates and fees. So, game has changed again. This is significant because the FHA program has been the same for nearly 75 years. This model is more in line withthe similar  PMI (private mortgage insurance.

In any case, look for new FHA rates to appear on the horizon. These changes will start this summer.


by Liz Warren



This is a NO HASSLE cabin that is very well buil. It's located in the Mt. Hood National Forest complete with two bedrooms, bonus family room,  Plus living room with wood stove insert. Spread out! Newer roof too. Sleeps a ton of people and it's only eight minutes to the slopes. Very affordable. leased land


Monday Morning Inspiration

by Liz Warren


"Begin to be now . . . what you will be hereafter."

~ St. Jerome


Here's a short list of questions. Take time to answer them and today's message will be crystal clear. It needs no further explanation, so enjoy!

Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
Name the last five Heisman Trophy winners.
Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant.
Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize.
Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress.
Name the last decade's worth of World Series winners.

How did you do?

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are not second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one:

List four teachers who aided your journey through school.
Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time.
Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.
Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special.
Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.
Name half a dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.


The lesson?

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care.


by Liz Warren

Here is some more credit squeezing news. On August 8th of this year Freddie Mac is clamping down on invertor loans. The limit for multiple owner investment units will be a total of four vs. the ten they currently allow. Cash out refis on rental units will also be eyeballed closely with a high probability of higher interest rates.

An even larger looming problem is the PMI or private mortgage insurance issue. PMI is required when a downpayment is less than 20% of the total purchase price. Investor loans in declining or depressed markets will be completely out of luck, in other words, no PMI, no loan if less than a 20% downpayment. Shades of the 1980's! When I first started selling homes on the mountain we could not sell anything without at least 20% down because the lenders would not provide PMI for buyers in our area.

What does this mean as a buyer or seller in the markets of Government Camp, Rhododendron and Welches? So far we have not been declared a "distressed" or "declining" market for real estate sales so we have dodged that bullet. What it does mean is that there will be a shrinking pool of investment purchasers with credit restrictions and the probability of higher interest rates on those loans.

Zig Zag Riverfront Cabin Close to Government Camp!

by Liz Warren

Need a weekend getaway in the mountains? This charming 1930's cabin sits along the banks of the Zig Zag river in the pristine Mt. Hood National Forest. Located only 5 minutes to the ski slopes of Government Camp's Ski Bowl and Multorpor and just 5 minutes from Rhododendron and Welches for shopping. It has a toe warming stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings with wood beams, skylight and tons of windows. There is a kitchen that opens to the dining area and a big window to watch the wildlife go by. What's even better is that it is only about 5 minutes to premium skiing and just over an hour from Portland. Forget those expensive out of state vacations and use this getaway summer and winter and just a short drive from Portland! leased land in the Mt. Hood National Forest.


Take a tour here



Monday Morning Inspiration

by Liz Warren


"Lose this day loitering - 'twill be the same story
To-morrow - and the next more dilatory;
Each indecision brings its own delays,
And days are lost lamenting o'er lost days.
Are you in earnest? seize this very minute -
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated -
Begin it, and then the work will be completed!"

 ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Ever driven a car? Of course you have, but what makes it move?

You enter a car with a standard transmission, place it in neutral, and start the engine. It idles - waiting for what? The engine is running, but you are going nowhere. What must be done to get to your destination?

Your vehicle is like your mind and body. Goethe says, "Are you in earnest? . . . Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." He questions whether you are in earnest . . . calls attention to the fact that there is genius, power and magic in boldness. It's like your vehicle idling in neutral. It has the power to take you wherever you want to go . . . yet is goes nowhere - until what happens?

"Only engage," urges Goethe. The only thing keeping you from moving is your willingness to engage. Place the transmission in first gear, and what happens? You begin moving - slowly at first. Moving the gearshift into 2nd, your movement speeds up. As it does, you are soon in 3rd, and well on the way to your destination.

Goethe speaks of achieving your objectives in life: "Only engage, and then the mind grows heated . . . ." In other words, put your life in gear - get started - get moving! When you do . . . when your "mind grows heated" . . . that which you desire to achieve will be attracted to you.

So - what do you say? Are you in earnest?

Credit Crunch Changes The Game

by Liz Warren

What will the credit crunch bring to today's market in the Welches, Rhododendron, Government Camp and Brightwood area?

1. Reduced equity lines of credit.

2.Removing subprime and Alt-A loans completely

3.Higher fees for loans that lenders do make.

Lending practices of the years 2002-2007 are over.


Builders will be building smaller homes.

Lenders will be lending much less money.

Buyers will be saving home and borrowing less.

Fewer buyers, fewer loan products, and higher loan costs create an even more competitive market for sellers and lowering  prices through that competition to sell.


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