Mt. Hood summer sales boomed with 20 closed sales for the month of August! Believe it or not there were a few sales under $100,000 which is nearly unheard of these days. 

Mt. Hood National forest service cabins dominated the closings with seven sales! One cabin broke all sale records for a price of $337,000! Cabins maintain their popularity on the mountain for their uniqueness and pristine settings which can't be matched by any other properties in the area. 

On another note, Timberline Rim prices are escalating nicely. There's a lack of inventory and with the Rim having a more affordable pricing point, many folks are opting to purchase here for full time living and as a vacation spot. 

Listed below are the 20 sales for August 2017.

Mt. Hood Real estate sales for August 2017 for 97028,97067,97011, and 97049

Mt. Hood Real Estate Sales for August 2017 for Brightwood, Welches, Government Camp and RhododendronMt. Hood Real Estate sales Boon  in August 2017Mt. Hood Sales Boom in August 2017 for Welches, Rhododendron, Brightwood and Government CampReal Estate sales boom for Mt. Hood the summer of 2017