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Morning Coffee


Morning Coffee


"If someone wrote a book about your life . . .
would anyone want to read it?"
- TV Recruiting Ad (U.S. Navy)


Fast-forward your life 20, 30, even 40 years. Now . . . imagine someone writing a book of your life story. Think of the possibilities. Would it be motivational, a mystery perhaps, or even science fiction? What about reference, a novel, true crime, short story, or an expose? Would it be found in the children's section of the library, the reference section, or under biographies?

Wow - the possibilities are endless. The good news is - YOU are the lead character, and get to make all the choices! Close your eyes and visualize how it would read. Assume that the author is an unrelated third-party who knows every detail. That's a scary thought, isn't it?

If the chapters were written in chronological order, which ones would make the best reading? Undoubtedly, the ones from age 12-20 would provide some interesting material. From 20 to 40 would be excellent transitional chapters with lots of "Ah-ha!"s and course changes. The final chapter may be the most revealing, however. Think how many readers like to skip to the end to see how the book ends.

If you could skip to the end of your own book, how would it read? Summarizing the entire book, would you say it was a thriller, a shocker, a spell-binder, a tragedy, a romance, or an inspiration?

Your life is a book waiting to be written - write it well!


Classic Salmon River 1940's Cabin

by Liz Warren

Here is a little gem right on the banks of the Salmon River in a tucked away location close to the Mt. Hood National Forest. This 1940's original has a wonderful stone fireplace in the living room with high vaulted beamed ceilings and wood floors. This comfortable getaway has two bedrooms. I love the dining room with windows all around to look up and down the river.

It's location is off the beaten path up Welches Road and close to the Mt. Hood National Forest. A mile or so down the road is the Resort at the Mountain for a 27 hole golf course and lodging. A quick drive up the mountain and you're at the slopes in 20 minutes. The best part of all is it's only one hour from Portland!

A little bit of history too, this cabin is owned by the family of former Congressman for Oregon Bob Duncan. Catch this wonderful getaway before it's gone! $230,000.

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Steiner Log Home Tour

by Liz Warren

If you love classic log homes and cabins you will love the August 13th, 2011 Steiner Log Home tour through Rhododendron, ZigZag, and Brightwood. Henry Steiner and his sons built hand crafted log homes and cabins in the early 1900's. This event is sponsored by the Mt. Hood Museum. Details may be downloaded here.

There's one Steiner log cabin currently on the market in Rhododendron along the old Highway, currently called Road 9 in the Mt. Hood National Forest on leased land. Asking price is $279,950. Take a tour.

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Other partial or full log homes and cabins can be found in today's great selection of properties. Here they are and if you have any questions about these properties, give me a call!

Log Homes on Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Area Sales for June 2011

by Liz Warren

June was pretty amazing compared to the first five months of the year in monthly sales. Government Camp, Welches, Brightwood and Rhododendron hit a whopping eleven sales for June. Residential sales totaled 39 for the year with the addition of these 11. That total is no record breaker of course and here's hoping better weather and more buyers come out and take advantage of this inventory the second half of the year.

Here are the June sales:

3 foreclosures

2 forest service cabins

1 Condo

1 Timberline Rim home


Mt. Hood Area Sales for June 2011

Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Coffee


"Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them."
- Napoleon


Written by Dr. Fred Craddock, the following story was passed along to me:

One of my schoolmates spent many years ministering in China. He was under house arrest and the soldiers came one day and told him that he could return to America. The family was celebrating. The soldiers said, 'You can take 200 pounds with you.'

They had been there for years! Two hundred pounds. They got the scales and they started the family arguments - two children, wife, and husband. Must have this vase . . . Well, this is a new typewriter . . . What about my books? . . . What about our toys? They weighed everything and took it off, until at last they had it right on the dot: two hundred pounds.

The soldiers asked if they were ready to go and they said, "Yes!" "Did you weigh everything?" They said, "Yes!" "Did you weigh the kids?" "No, we did not." "You will have to weigh the kids." In the blink of an eye, the typewriter, vase, books, all became trash. Trash. It happens.


Talk about a paradigm shift. How often have we all weighed our goods without considering our "kids"? Think of the times we placed value on our "stuff," only to be swiftly reminded of the value of a loved one.

This concept is confirmed with the story of a man who showed up at the pearly gates with a wheelbarrow full of gold bars. St. Peter explained that he could not "take it with him." Nevertheless, St. Peter consulted with God about the man being allowed to bring the gold bars. God answered with a simple question: "Why does he want to bring in paving materials?"


Oregon VA Home Guaranty Loan Program

by Matt Polsky

Oregon VA Home Guaranty Loan Program

Purchasing a home is an exciting step in life, and one of the most important options you have to consider is how to finance the home. If you are a veteran or an active military member, a VA Home Loan is certainly a financing option to look into. The VA loan program offers benefits that no other loan program can match, which makes it one of the most advantageous loans on the market. While a VA Loan may not be the best option for every service member, it is important to understand the benefits when compared to conventional financing options.


VA Loan Benefits:

  • No money down option for qualified buyers
  • Does not require you pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Interest rate caps for active duty service members
  • Credit guidelines are more lenient since service members experience frequent moves and deployments, which can prevent establishing long-term credit and savings.

How Much Can I Borrow?

In the Mount Hood area, the VA loan amount is set at $417,000 (this is typical for most counties). With a VA Loan, you are able to refinance a current single-family home, purchase a new home, or VA-approved Condo as well. (In terms of purchasing, the home or condo must be your primary residence).

There are many more options when using your VA home loan benefit, so it is important to speak with a knowledgeable VA approved lender, like VA Mortgage Center, before you moving too far forward.


To be eligible a service member must have served on active duty for three months during wartime or 181 days during peacetime. A service member is also eligible after serving in the National Guard for at least six years; however, service members with a dishonorable discharge do not qualify for the program.

For more information on using your VA home loan benefits and finding the home of your dreams contact Liz Warren or a VA approved lender today!

Matt Polsky is a blogger associated with VA Benefit Blog, a blog focused on providing veterans and service members with current news and information on the VA benefits they have earned through serving our country.



New to the market! Looking for a great home right on the links of Foxglove at the Resort at the Mountain? Hit the breaks, it's here! Custom built as a vacation home, this three bedroom, two bath charmer has high vaulted ceilings, a beautiful stone fireplace and tons of windows to look out on the fairway. A big deck with benches faces the course so you can soak up the sun and watch the golfers stroll by.

A brand new roof was just put on so all the tough work is done. Enjoy amenities including a pool, hot tub, tennis court, and nature trails through the resort. If you're a skier, you will love the quick access to the mountain in only 20 minutes. The Mt. Hood National Forest is just down the street a ways for tons of hiking trails throughout the Cascade foothills. A short walk to fine restaurants and shopping make for a great full time home or vacation getaway.

Take a tour here:

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The multiple listing service just came out with the Mt. Hood area statistics for June. This is for sales including Government Camp, Welches, Rhododendron and Brightwood. Number of sales were substantially up to eleven sales! Total sales since the beginning of the year hit 39.

mt hood real estate sales

Summer has finally arrived and many sellers have placed their properties on the market for the prime summer season. Incredible deals are available with many motivated sellers. It's the perfect time to purchase while interest rates are low making homes more affordable. This could be a once in a generation opportunity according to CBS Money Watch.

Mt. Hood Time to Buy Real Estate

Today may be the best time to purchase your Government Camp getaway. Selection is excellent  and interest rates are low. Take advantage of today's offerings. Call for more details!

government camp real estate for sale

Looking for a foreclosure to purchase in Government Camp, Welches, Brightwood, or Rhododendron? Here are today's offerings on the market:

Three condos are on the market with two in the Government Camp Collins Lake complex and one in the Fairway Estates units at the Resort at the Mountain.

Mt. Hood Foreclosures

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