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Timberline Mountain Music Series is Cancelled

by Liz Warren

Music lovers on the mountain are disappointed to hear the news that the Timberline Mountain Music Series of free concerts has been cancelled this season.

Guess what! The forest service has received 4.25 million dollars of stimulus money. Some of this money will be used to work on the infrastructure of Timberline Lodge. Some of this work will be done this summer at Timberline therefore halting the concert series due to construction.


Government Camp Collins Lake Condos For Sale

by Liz Warren

Choices, choices and more choices! Government Camp has a great inventory of Collins Lake Condos current available for sale. Get ready for winter skiing and pick up your Condo now! Here's the inventory:

Government Camp Collins Lake Condos for sale

To Buy or Not to Buy Mt.Hood Properties

by Liz Warren

The fact is, this is probably the best time in the past 80 years to purchase real estate. Swelling inventories and unbelieveable interest rates have created this opportunity. Not only is a house a home but what about the investment opportunities.

Here is how the housing values compares with the stock market over the past decade.

Mt. Hood Stock vs. Real estate

Nationally Existing Home Sales Drop

by Liz Warren

Mt. Hood real estate sales for June 2010 hit  a whopping 15 sales. Here is the most recent chart from NAR-National Association of Realtors showing national sales for the month of June 2010. Is the Mt. Hood area bucking a national trend?

National Home Sales June 2010

Look at the number of sales in 05 and 06 compared to today's figures. As a general statement, the mountain sales have probably declined in numbers by two thirds at the height of the market in 05-06.

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
- John Mason


Watch young children on the playground and you will notice them trying to duplicate each other. One hangs upside down on the monkey bars, and soon everyone is doing the same. Check out a pre-teen with a punky new hair-do, or a new style of "radical" footwear, and soon their friends are following suit.

It continues in high school too, with "tricked out" hot cars and cell phones. So . . . is it any wonder that we attempt to duplicate each other as adults as well? We look at our desk mate's approach to getting new business, then we do the same - regardless of the fact that said desk mate is getting no results.

Is there an alternative to this senseless copy-cat approach to life? Yes - but making the change may not be so easy. You begin by looking inside rather than outside. With all the distractions competing for your attention, this may be the most difficult step. Nevertheless, take a look inside to determine your best talents and skills. Ask yourself, "What do I do well? What are my strengths? What do I enjoy doing most?"

Next, write yourself a plan that incorporates your answers into a personal action plan. Remember, you were born an original, so put that originality to work. To help the plan work, avoid distractions from those who question your new direction, and learn to "duplicate yourself".

To avoid distractions, consider moving your desk, working from a home office, or avoiding the social scene at your office. Focus your time and attention on achieving your new-found objectives. To duplicate yourself, hire assistants to prepare direct mail or update your website. Avoid all tasks that you can hire someone else to do.

In short, live and act the part of the original you really are!

New Welches Grade and Middle School Principle

by Liz Warren

The new principle, Alex Leaver is from Patton Middle School in the McMinnville School

District! Details may be found at the Oregon Trail Welches Website:

Welcome to the Mountain Alex Leaver!

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"It's OK to build castles in the air . . .
so long as you build a firm foundation under them."
- Henry David Thoreau


Ever dream of becoming a U.S. Senator? Want to become an anonymous benefactor of youth programs in your community? Want to rise to the top 1% of your profession? Inspirational artist D. Morgan puts it this way: "The impossible dream . . . isn't!"

So - how do dreams become reality? Once your dream becomes your passion, you can begin building the foundation that will support the eventual structure of your dream. Begin by reading and studying how others have achieved similar dreams.

For politicians-to-be, there are plenty of biographies that reveal the long road to election. For those who aspire to achieve peak earnings, mentors are plentiful. Hang out with, attend courses with, and "shadow" the real stars in your chosen field. Ask how they began their rise, how they blend their work and family, how they attract and retain clients and customers.

In most cases, you will find that the models you choose have also made hard choices. They have first adopted certain principles upon which their decisions are made. Their actions are congruent with those principles. They are not duplicitous in their dealings with others. Their "word is their bond." Their foundational character sets the tone for the structure of their dreams.

Finally, with the foundation in place - they just build. They create plans, they implement strategies to achieve those plans. They understand that their final success does not occur in one fell swoop. It is the result of many footsteps in the direction of their dreams.

So . . . go ahead and dream! Remember - destiny is not a matter of chance . . . it's a matter of choice!

A record number of sales closed in June 2010 in the Mt. Hood area. Most of them went pending in March and April. Seven of the fifteen were bank foreclosures. Nine sales were under $200,000. The good news is that there were two Resort at the Mountain homes which sold. That area has seen some spark recently with a few sales and some new properties coming on the market. Here are the June sales for 2010 in the Mt. Hood area:

Mt. Hood Real Estate sales for June 2010

Mt. Hood Real Estate Numbers for June 2010

by Liz Warren

The numbers are in for June 2010 for Mt. Hood area real estate sales straight out of RMLS. The numbers are impressive with a total of 15 sales closing. My estimate is that these sales were put together in March and April and finally closed. We have seen a weakening of pending sales at the moment but hope with the fantastic weather we are having that more buyers will take advantage of the incredible inventory currently on the market. Now is the time to get a hec of a deal on a mountain property!

Mt. Hood real estate sales for June 2010

Market indicators show increasing inventory, fewer pending sales for the month, longer marketing periods but pending sales up nearly 50% year to date from 2009!

February 2010 Oregon Foreclosures

by Liz Warren

The numbers are out for the National Association of Realtors statistics for February 2010 in the Salem area foreclosures compared with the United Sates Numbers. Here is a chart of activity:

Foreclosures on Mt. Hood


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