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Mt. Hood Flooding Update from Clackamas County

by Liz Warren

Here is a Clackamas County update on the recent flooding in January. Status of the bridges and road work.

Mt. Hood Flooding County Update March 16

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Begin to be now what you will be hereafter."
- St. Jerome


Regardless of who you have been in the past - why not give yourself a "present"? Each of us experiences regret from time to time over what we have done - or left undone - in the past. Perhaps our transgressions were great - or just seemed so in our heart.

To become a different person in the future, St. Jerome suggests that you must "begin to be" that person now. If your career is overwhelming you, begging to be tamed, begin now to untangle it. Begin today to simplify your activities.

If you would like to be more caring, begin today by complimenting someone. Want to be more understanding? Listen carefully to one you love - today. Want greater financial independence? Analyze your income and your expenses, then earn more and live on less - beginning today.

Nothing happens until you "begin to be." Interestingly, however, the moment you BEGIN, you actually ARE the person you desire to be, provided you continue to be. The moment you change anything in your life, the past is over, forever.

Want a new beginning in your life? Don't wait for some earth-shattering, life-changing event to get your attention. Get started today!

March Madness for Sales on Mt. Hood?

by Liz Warren

Here are all the recent sales for Februrary 2011. Half of these sales are foreclosures and the other half, arms length transactions. General activity seems a bit slower this month so March numbers will be interesting to see. This is a premium time to purchase with rates still low. The Fed is talking about raising rates which will impact buyer purchasing power. Take advantage of these incredible rates now!

Mt. Hood Sales for Februrary 2011

Mt. Hood Area Sales for February 2011

by Liz Warren

Numbers are in from the multiple listing service for Februrary sales 2011 for Government Camp, Rhododendron, Welches and Brightwood.

Mt. Hood Real estate sales for Februrary 2011

Sales are down compared to this time last year. Nationally, sales are also down. Marketing times are longer with an average between the eight sales at 205 days.

Mt. Hood Foreclosures

by Liz Warren

foreclosures and short sales make up around 34% of Oregon's real estate market sales. Here are the current foreclosures available in Government Camp, Welches, Rhododendron and Brightwood.

Mt. Hood Foreclosures in March 2011

Distressed Sale Percentage by State

by Liz Warren

NAR, the National Association of Realtors has provided this map showing what percent of distressed sales make up each state's sales.

Distressed sales

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Just because you're the lone voice in the wilderness, it doesn't mean you're wrong."
- Ghandi


Remember this tune from the protest era? "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do." The poignant lyrics call attention to the reality that being alone, being a group of one, can be a very lonely, uncomfortable, and sometimes challenging situation.

When it comes to the important issues in your life, it's much more comforting to know that others are standing with you. You stand up for a student issue at a PTO meeting, and others stand with you. You call attention to a social injustice, and are backed by a majority of the members in your organization. Together, the group gives strength and credibility to the views of its leader.

What, then, if the leader and followers are a group of just one? What value is there in taking a position with no one to back you up? What's more, acting alone often stimulates inner questioning, self-doubt, and ultimately self-defeat.

So, where do you stand when it comes to defending your own principles of living? When you witness cheating, dishonesty, or unfair criticism of others, do you stand up as a group of one when no one else cares to stand with you? Do you then feel like the "lone voice in the wilderness?"

Our world has few leaders and many followers. The stand you take alone may provide the inspiration needed by followers who agree, but who do not have the ability to speak out on their own. As Ghandi counseled, just because you're "the lone voice . . . doesn't mean you're wrong."

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Your imagination is the preview to life's coming attractions."
- Albert Einstein


Do you believe Orville & Wilbur were first to fly because they had a hammer, nails and a free weekend? Think the television was created by accident? Did Bill Gates just stumble upon the software code that has changed the world? Not a chance!

The Wright brothers created the previews of their first flight in the theatre of their minds. Naturally, there were no limitations to their imaginings as they dreamed of flying. Who knows how the dream of television became reality . . . how it was transformed from a mere visualization into vacuum tubes, knobs, and channels?

What went through Bill Gates' mind prior to his early experiments? Surely his first visions were not of a colorful package entitled "Windows 2000." Nevertheless, his vivid imagination took us all from the concept of "1's" and "0's" to today's monumentally complex world of computer software and internet browsers.

What about you? What goes on in your mind's eye while no one is looking? What do you see yourself doing in one, three, or five years? Do you hear a special future beckoning you to create an action thriller from the previews running through your imagination? Is there a stirring inside you that begs to be brought to fruition?

Why not grab some popcorn, a soft drink, and settle quietly into your favorite chair to enjoy the previews of your own imagination? Then, with a clear picture fresh in your mind, create the main attraction - your life!

Mt. Hood Pending Sales

by Liz Warren

March snows brought a big dump in Welches, Rhododendron, Brightwood and of course Government Camp. At least 16 inches of snow fell in the Cascades with much of it still on the ground. This cut buyer access for showings down for many days as side streets were nearly impassable if not plowed. Elevations of 2,000 on up are still not easy to get to.

 Here are the current pending sales for our area below. Out of the ten pending sales, five are bank foreclosures. Although nationally we are hearing less foreclosures are coming on the market right now, they are only delayed and will actually slow the housing recovery. Once the paperwork has been righted, these properties will be on the market.

Mt. Hood Pending sales

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"If thou wouldst keep money, save money;
if thou wouldst reap money, sow money."
- Thomas Fuller


In George Classon's classic "The Richest Man In Babylon," he urges readers to "set your purse to fattening." His other advice? Pay off your debts - live debt-free. With those two simple bits of advice, he lays out a wealth of financial advice guaranteed to keep the wolf away from the front door - forever.

He has the audacity to suggest that a part of all you earn is yours to keep. Put $100 a month into your "purse" beginning at age 20. Invest it at 10%. At age 65, you will have a purse filled to the brim with $1,048,000. How difficult is it to convince yourself to put away $100 each month?

Poverty is not our fear. It is the insecurity of being vulnerable that we fear - of not being able to meet our obligations. The "fat purse" does not pay our bills. The amount we earn over and above the part "that is ours to keep" does that. The part we keep - our "fattening purse" - is what gives us the confidence that we are okay.

By the way, according to "The Millionaire Next Door," the "haves" spend twice as much time planning their financial success as the "have nots." Forget setting aside $100 a month, the "haves" set aside up to 40% of their pre-tax income for fattening their purse. That also means they live on just 60%. The "have-nots" are hyper-credit users who do no budgeting whatsoever.

Want to set your purse to fattening? Want to give your children a heads-up on being financially independent? Pick up a copy of Suze Orman's best-seller "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom". More importantly - put her financial roadmap to work. Don't worry - be happy!

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