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Mt. Hood Land Swap

by Liz Warren

U.S. Forest Service planners of the Mt. Hood/Government Camp land swap  have just held a public meeting in Portland on Tuesday to present the exchange plan and to take comments by the public. This swap of 769 acres of land owned by Mt. Hood Meadows Oregon LLC and  includes the Cooper Spur Ski area and lodge would be traded for around 120 acres of National Forest land on the South side of Mt. Hood.

Proponents of the swap include the  Hood River Valley Residents Committee who want to protect the Crystal Springs watershed that services around 25% of the Hood River Valley drinking water. Details of the discussion can be found here

Mt. Hood Land Swap

The Cost of Foreclosures

by Liz Warren

What is the real cost of foreclosures in a neighborhood? There are a few of them in the Mt. Hood area. Most are in Brightwood and Rhododendron but more are heading our way. This chart is taken from the web site Center for Responsible Lending and shows how much each Oregonian has lost due to foreclosures impacting the value of their homes. The average loss of value from homes that are near foreclosures is $8,442!

Mt. Hood Foreclosures Loss in Value

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
- Goethe


On an A&E Biography segment, Oprah Winfrey was being interviewed. She was asked whether she considered all the competing talk shows to be a threat to her own daytime show. She answered with a personal story about running in a marathon.

It seems Oprah had always had a dream of running in a marathon. She trained for two years to get ready, and she ran her marathon. Oprah explained that, to her, competition was like that marathon. As long as she was hitting her stride with her goal of winning in clear focus, there was no time to consider the competition. She added that just turning her head backward to see how close competing runners were to her position was enough to rob her of energy needed to win the race.

Oprah's view of the competition brought to mind the U.S. Army recruiting slogan: "Be all that you can be!" Note that it doesn't say, "Be all that THEY can be!" Even when your competition has a recognizable face, why would you want to be them? If you want to improve yourself, speed up your achievements, or earn more money, why not just better your own time? Comparing yourself to others is a waste of precious time and energy.

Realizing your dreams requires a roadmap. First, you decide on a destination - your dream. Next, you choose a route. For Oprah, that involved hiring a personal trainer, improving her aerobic capacity, and adding strength training to her daily regimen. It also helps to identify some stops or landmarks along the way to help you measure your progress. Finally, you apply all your energy to running the race - and achieving your dream.

Oprah's dream was to run a marathon. What's yours?

Mt. Hood Land and Lot Sales 2010

by Liz Warren

Many buyers and sellers are asking how are bare land sales on the mountain. Well if you take a look at Brightwood, Welches, Rhododendron and Government Camp you'll find sales are averaging about one a month this year. Not bad considering new home construction loans are difficult to find these days. Here are the ten sales since the beginning of the year.

Mt. Hood Land sales for 2010

Three sales were in subdivisions of Timberline Rim and Zig Zag Village. One Government Camp sale in Alpenglade, a couple of waterfront lots and a couple of acreage parcels. This has been a surprisingly good report for this year!

September Mt. Hood Real Estate Sales 2010

by Liz Warren

September saw an increase in the number of sales with nine closings for the month. A variety of properties sold including two foreclosures, one forest service cabin and one Government Camp single family residence. Interestingly, five of the nine sales were cash sales. Fortunately, for many sellers, the banks have been taken out of the equation since their standards are so restrictive. This could also be a move by investors to make their move into the market.

Here are the nine sales:

September 2010 sales on Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Real Estate Sales for September 2010

by Liz Warren

Recent sales for September 2010 in the Mt. Hood area from Welches, Rhododendron, Brightwood and Government Camp are in. Here's the info direct from multiple listing services:

The Unemployment Recession

by Liz Warren

What will help turn home buying around? Jobs. Here is how Oregon compares to the rest of the US in unemployment:

Oregon Unemployment rate compared nationally

How does this recession compare to others the US has seen? Check out this chart:


the unemployment recession


Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Pursue the good ardently. But if your efforts fall short, accept the result and move on."
- Epictetus


Who do you want to be? Which are the principles by which you want to live? Do honesty, perseverance, and wisdom define you? Are sincerity, generosity, and a caring attitude your trademark?

Having a vague idea of the benchmark traits you wish to exhibit is not enough. To be extraordinary, it is necessary to define yourself in specific terms. If you haven't adopted a precise set of principles, consider choosing from the list that follows: humility, diligence, moderation, silence, temperance, chastity, courage, resolution, justice, industry, faithfulness, order, tranquility, cleanliness, encouragement, frugality, generosity, sincerity, persistence, honesty, perseverance, or caring.

Choose five that most closely match the person you would choose to be. Next define what each means to you, and how you can adopt them as your trademark traits. Finally, begin acting like the person you would be. Ben Franklin kept a small diary and rated his actions each day by placing a checkmark each time he violated one of his personal principles. Over time, as the checkmarks dwindled for one principle, he would move on to the next.

There's no need to discuss your quest for a principle-centered life with anyone. This is personal, very personal. It's also important to accept the fact that once you've adopted a credo, you won't do a perfect job of living up to it. When you find you've fallen short, "accept the result and move on."

Unless you're living the perfect life right now, and most of us aren't, give some thought to redefining yourself. Decide to be extraordinary and do whatever you must do - NOW!

Predictions From Concord Group on Recovery

by Liz Warren

The Concord Group, a real estate strategy firm predicts that recovery for the current real estate market will begin in the first quarter of 2012. Their prediction is based upon the current 18 months worth of inventory in the market.

Today's market in the Mt. Hood Area including Government Camp, Brightwood, Rhododendron and Welches has an 18.4 month of supply and 147 active listings including homes, condos and land.

Monday Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the juice to nourish our creative souls."
- Sark


Familiar with the speed of light? According to science books, light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. That's been common knowledge for years. Now, however, scientists have discovered in experiments that light may travel many times faster. In fact, tests seem to show that light may travel so fast that it arrives BEFORE it even leaves its source.

Business now travels at the speed of the Internet. "Fast Company" magazine reports up-to-the-nanosecond business techniques. You're connected . . . we're connected . . . we're all moving at warp speed!

Whoa! Stop! Put on the brakes. If you're feeling overwhelmed at the breakneck speed of your business . . . and your life . . . take heart. There's a solution, but you must make space for it. Some call it checking out. Others call it meditation. Some describe it as needing "some space" or "quiet time." The name is not important, but the practice is.

Into each day, schedule a time when you can be alone for 15 - 30 minutes. Mornings may be best when the house is quiet. Close your eyes and practice thinking absolutely nothing. If images, worries, or business schedules keep popping into your mind, practice making them go away. Some picture a blank movie or TV screen. If an image pops onto the screen, mentally turn off the TV and watch the screen go blank.

Once you reach this quiet peaceful state, you will notice that your daily family concerns and business challenges begin to resolve themselves. You can attract everything you need into your life by simply spending some time each day with yourself. It may feel awkward at first - thinking about nothing - but you will soon realize the potential of this powerful resource within you.

Go to your Day Planner now. Write in a block of time for each day this week to spend with your alter ego. Now - keep your appointment!

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