Oregon Wood Stove Law

Oregon Wood Stove Law

Woodstove owners if you are buying or selling in the Mt. Hood area you need to know about this new Oregon law due to pass statewide on August 1, 2010 of this year. Basically, if you have an uncertified woodstove in your house, garage or shop, the new state law requires this woodstove to be removed from a home at the time the home is sold and disposed of with certification. This is due to concerns over air quality and pollution emissions.

How do you tell if your stove is certified or not?

You can tell if your device is certified by looking on the back for a certification sticker from Oregon DEQ or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Here is information from the EPA on what brands of stoves are certified.

These items are not required to be removed: Pellet Stoves, Central wood fired furnaces, antique stoves (built before 1940 and other details required), masonry fireplaces, and masonry heaters.

One thing for sure, if you are in the middle of a sale and you haven’t taken action on this item it might be a hassle to get it taken care of at the last minute. Be advised there are some areas of the country where you may be able to receive tax credits for replacing your old unit.

Visit the DEQ web site to get all your questions answered about this new law coming into play.

Visit the web site here.


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