Carbon Monoxice Law in Oregon

Carbon Monoxide Law

A new Oregon law comes into play after April 1, 2011 requiring carbon monoxide detectors to be installed at the time of a home sale if a home has a carbon monoxide producing source. This law is a result of HB 3450, the Lofgren and Zander Memorial Act.

Frequently asked questions about the new law and how it applies may be viewed here or saved for reference.

Here is an audio link to review other questions.

Be advised some carbon monoxide omitting items are wood stoves, propane furnaces, oil furnaces, gas barbecues, attached garages (from vehicles), charcoal grills, lawnmowers, any type of gas heaters, and fireplaces! 

Carbon monoxide detectors may be purchased any where from $20-$60. Some manufacturers have combined the smoke detectors together with the carbon monoxide detectors.

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