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Monday Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"Lose this day loitering - 'twill be the same story
To-morrow - and the next more dilatory;
Each indecision brings its own delays,
And days are lost lamenting o'er lost days.
Are you in earnest? seize this very minute -
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated -
Begin it, and then the work will be completed!"
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Ever driven a car? Of course you have, but what makes it move?

You enter a car with a standard transmission, place it in neutral, and start the engine. It idles - waiting for what? The engine is running, but you are going nowhere. What must be done to get to your destination?

Your vehicle is like your mind and body. Goethe says, "Are you in earnest? . . . Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." He questions whether you are in earnest . . . calls attention to the fact that there is genius, power and magic in boldness. It's like your vehicle idling in neutral. It has the power to take you wherever you want to go . . . yet is goes nowhere - until what happens?

"Only engage," urges Goethe. The only thing keeping you from moving is your willingness to engage. Place the transmission in first gear, and what happens? You begin moving - slowly at first. Moving the gearshift into 2nd, your movement speeds up. As it does, you are soon in 3rd, and well on the way to your destination.

Goethe speaks of achieving your objectives in life: "Only engage, and then the mind grows heated . . . ." In other words, put your life in gear - get started - get moving! When you do . . . when your "mind grows heated" . . . that which you desire to achieve will be attracted to you.

So - what do you say? Are you in earnest?

Huckleberry Breakfast on Mt. Hood

by Liz Warren

AUGUST 28th and 29th!

Huckleberry Breakfast on Mt. Hood

Price Reductions on Mt. Hood

by Liz Warren

As the media reports on the slowing sales numbers in July many mountain property owners took this as a sign to drop their prices. At least 15% of homes currently for sale in Government Camp, Welches, Brightwood and Rhododendron dropped their prices in the past two weeks. That's around 20 detached homes and lot prices for 5 properties also adjusted.

Perhaps one of these properties were on your list. Here they are:

Mt. Hood Price Changes

Sandy River Water Trail

by Liz Warren

Have you heard of the Sandy River Water Trail? This is 38 miles of the Sandy River starting in our Mt. Hood area and flowing down to the Columbia River. This site helps with maps, suggested sections of the river to use dependent upon your ability to canoe, kayak, and raft.  Check out this handy reference site for the Sandy River Water Trail.

Mt. Hood's Mother of All Relays!

by Liz Warren

Are we ready? It's that time of year again where the mountain turns a little bit crazy with wacky costumes and vans decorated with clever themes and distractions starting August 27th! It's the yearly Hood to Coast Relay from Mt. Hood to Seaside. Details here.

Mt. Hood Relay Hood to Coast

Screaming Great Buy on the Sandy River at Mt. Hood!

by Liz Warren

Ok, I'm not kidding, this is a custom built newer home right on the Sandy River with wonderful finish work, a gorgeous kitchen, granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings, propane fireplace, decking, an over sized garage right on the river with a recent price reduction to $349,000! Take advantage of today's historically low interest rates and get your mountain getaway today.

Mt. Hood Sandy Riverfront Custom Home

Oregon Foreclosures July 2010

by Liz Warren

Great news! According to RealtyTrac Inc. Oregon has slipped out of third place in foreclosure activity in July. Here are the top ten numbers for the month of July.Oregon Foreclosures

HAMP numbers

by Liz Warren

What is HAMP? Home Affordable Modificaiton Program This government program helps homeowners get their payments modified so they can stay in their homes.

This chart shows the numbers of modifications currently in process.


Some of the dept to income ratios are shocking for modifications. The modification program does not work for many and after you see the numbers you'll know why. The median front end, or housing dept to income ratio was 44.8% of the income but combined with total debt, the median dept to income ratio was 79.7%. Yes, nearly 80% of the income of the borrower went to servicing debt.

After the HAMP modification, that total debt to income for all debts went to 63.5%. That is a huge amount of debt even after modification. This explains why there are still failures and drop outs after the modifications take place and why it has not been the big success the government had hoped for. It also shows why banks have not been quick to act in completing this program since they often end up foreclosing on the property any way.

What Happened to Mt. Hood's Marmot Dam?

by Liz Warren

Interested in information about the removal of Marmot Dam? Sources say the results are amazing as far as the fish numbers coming back...nearly double what the predictions were calculated! Coming up this August 21st there's a presentation at the Marmot Dam area on what happened to the silt from the dam removal.

This link will download a pdf file on the August 21st presentation.

This link will take you to information on the dam removal project.

Here is a 6 minute video on Marmot Dam and it's removal.


New Mt. Hood USDA loans

by Liz Warren

The recently funded USDA loan program has just been refunded for our area. This includes Welches, Rhododendron, Brightwood and Government Camp. This program is for low income earners and is in very high demand. The loan is 100% financing!

Details may be found here.

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