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Oregon Forest Homeowner's Association Meeting

by Liz Warren


The Mt. Hood Forest Homeowner's Assocation is hosting the Oregon Forest Homeowner's Assocation meeting this year. Details below:

Mt. Hood First Time Home Buyers

by Liz Warren

If you are a first time home buyer and made a purchase last year or this year you need to know that the IRS will not accept electronic filing of your taxes. After over 90,000 fraudulent claims, according to the Treasury, the IRS is changing the filing requirments. Here is information from the IRS' "First-Time Homebuyer Credit" page online.

The IRS has created form 5405. Check the rules and requirements to get this tax credit on the First-Time Homebuyer Credit page above to be sure you qualify.

Did you know that if you sell your house within three years of purchase you may have to pay that tax credit back?

If you have not made your first time home buyer purchase, you have until April 30th to have a binding contract in place and you MUST close by June 30th, 2010!


Portland Metro and Surrounding Area Five Year Trend

by Liz Warren

Zillow has just come out with the five year trend for sales data as of February 2010 for the Portland Metro and some surrounding cities which are charted below.  Although it does not have our Mt. Hood Area communities in the data, it gives us a fairly good idea of what has happened in the market and gets reflected in our market too.


Zillow Home Value Index

Sandy High School Rated Outstanding

by Liz Warren

According to the Oregon Department of Education, Sandy High School received an excellent rating for the school year 2008-2009! See the details here.

You can also visit the Sandy High School Web site.

For a snapshot of what the Oregon Trail School District is all about and what is going on with student achievement and the new high school, check out this resource: The 2009 Performance Report. It is excellent in explaining what is going on within the Oregon Trail School District.

Mt. Hood Condo Price Reduction $15,000!

by Liz Warren

No Misprint! 

Now ONLY $100,000!

$15,000 PRICE REDUCTION on Resort at the Mountain Condo (Fairway Estates Unit). Enjoy the recently renovated Resort at the Mountain upgrades! Steps to golf course and minutes to skiing. Only ONE HOUR from Portland. Quit driving all weekend to the slopes and stay at your mountain condo.

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Tax Tips for 2009 Return

by Liz Warren

Visit for more articles like this.

Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren
Monday Morning Coffee


"We stand at the crossroads each minute, each hour,
each day, making choices.
We choose the thoughts we allow ourselves to think,
 the passions we allow ourselves to feel,
and the actions we allow ourselves to perform.
Each choice is made in the context of whatever value
system we've selected to govern our lives.
In selecting that value system, we are, in a very real way,
making the most important choice we will ever make."

- Benjamin Franklin


Remember the day you made the decision to go to college? What about the day you decided to buy that sporty red car? Surely you remember the day you decided you would get married. What about your present career path? Did you purposely decide it's what you want to do? Do you remember making a conscious decision to have three children?

Some decisions are relatively simple. You decide to buy a TV, go to the store, write a check - and it's yours. You own it! Other decisions are also easy to make, i.e. the red sports car, but carry a higher price. The decision comes quickly, but entails both a down payment and a commitment to make payments on time for several years. Again, you make the decision to buy and the car is yours - you own it!

At some point in life come decisions that shouldn't have been made, but were, as well as those you should have withheld. In high school, a day of classes skipped may have resulted in grades lower than acceptable to your choice of colleges. Later, a poor choice of friends may have resulted in a blemish on your "permanent" record. As an adult, poor decision-making not only may reduce the quality of your life, but of those you love.

Regardless, each decision made is yours to keep - you own it! You also own the responsibilities created by the decision, i.e. following a healthy lifestyle to stay trim, working two jobs to keep your commitment to the mortgage company, giving up poorly chosen friends and activities to provide your children with a happy, nurturing home life.

Every decision made can turn positive or negative, depending on the actions taken once the decision has been made. Either way - making the decision is followed by ownership of the results. Does "pride of ownership" appeal to you? Buy it, own it, love it!

Mt. Hood January Sales for 2010

by Liz Warren

Curious what sold in January 2010? Here are the winners:

We've got the highs to the lows in this bunch. One beautiful custom built home in Windtree, one of the mountain subdivisions, was purchased. The higher end market, which in checking numbers from Gresham to Government Camp over $700,000, typically sell 15% to 20% below asking price.

Two of the properties were foreclosures. The home selling at $244,250 was a foreclosure at the Resort at the Mountain. It had originally been priced above $300,000 but had some dry rot issues to repair.

Pricing homes in this market is difficult and if an owner was for sale prior to the market crash, their properties took a substantial amount of readjustment to get sold.

Current pending sales for February show several foreclosures but most on the lower end of the pricing scale.

Mt. Hood Sales Volume

by Liz Warren

What was the volume of sales on Mt. Hood including Government Camp, Welches, Brightwood, and Rhododendron at the height of the real estate boom? According to the RMLS multiple listing service our area had $76,354,000 worth of sales in 2005. That number produced 330 sales in the area. In contract, the 2009 sales volume hit $26,705,000 with 105 sales.


Major Fun Event This Saturday Night!

by Liz Warren

This is a fun event called the ABC Auction "adults benefiting children" tonight at the Mt. Hood Village Resort in Welches (also locally called the RV Village).

There are weekend getaways, local artist's works, lift tickets, many local services and much more. February 20th

It's free with an optionsl $10 dinner-southern style menu by the New Blackberry Cafe. Featuring BBQ Ribs and Jambalays

Silent Auction 5-7 pm

Dinner 6-8 pm

Live Auction 7 pm

 Here is the flyer with all details!


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