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Resort at the Mountain has New Ownership in 2016

by Liz Warren

The Resort at the Mountain is under new ownership as of the beginning of 2016. The Resort website states the new owner as Stanford Oregon Hotel LLC. The mountain community is anxious to find what changes the new owner will bring to the Resort. 

A lot has been happening at the Resort over the past six months. 

*The resort is the first Best Western Premier Collection property in North America. 

*Welches had a major wind storm that knocked out power and caused many large trees along the golf course to come down causing the greens keeper headaches. 

*A three alarm fire on December 30th had guests scrambling out of their units in building 4 from flames. Ten rooms were destroyed from the fire, no one was hurt,  and the cause of the fire still has not been determined after investigation. 

Hopefully things will settle down for the new owner! As a major employer for our area, locals are anxious to see how new management takes the reins. 

Twenty One Sales In December 2015

by Liz Warren

The close of 2015 produced 21 closed sales for the month. Surprisingly, three of those sales were bank owned properties. The mountain had 13 bank owned properties sell in 2015 which was down from 16 for 2014. Three Timberline Rim properties, a popular subdivision along the Sandy River, changed hands. 

Inventory is down in all pricing points right now and many sellers are getting their properties ready for the 2016. State regulations and lender financing requirements make preparation a must to get a property prepared to go on the market. Getting any repairs completed prior to going on the market is a great idea because finding a contractor during summer months is nearly impossible causing delays for closing. 

Here are the 21 sales that closed in December:

Mt. Hood Real Estate Sales for December 2015

Mt. Hood December 2015 Real Estate Sales

by Liz Warren

The multiple listing service has released the sales numbers for 2015 December.

       Mt. Hood real estate sales for December 2015

December produced 20 closed sales making the year totals for 2015 at 203 sales. It's not that far off from 2014 totals with 10 more sales than last year. Real estate on the mountain is stable  and working towards recovery of 2007 values. Two out of every three homes that came on the market sold in 2015. Nationally predictions are that 2016 will be as good as 2015. Despite a small increase in interest rates, many buyers are opting in for a purchase now before rates continue to creep up. 

Crab Feed Community Fundraiser

by Liz Warren

Hoodland Womens Club Crabfeed 2016

Monday Morning Coffee

by Liz Warren


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take . . . but by the moments that take our breath away."
~ Unattributed
You've heard that it's good to "take time to smell the roses." You may have also read how Steven Covey encourages you in "Seven Habits" to take time to "sharpen the saw." You no doubt have also experienced the frustration of trying to find even a spare moment for yourself.
Why do so many sources advise taking time off for yourself for thoughtful introspection? Don't they know it's impossible in today's fast-paced world of money, soccer games, career challenges, family responsibilities, church & school activities, and so much more?
In fact, our society is totally preoccupied with all of the above. For those living in a big city, or even the suburbs, the pressure is even greater. Those who live in the country at least enjoy a little peace and serenity at the end of the day.
How did this happen? It's simple - or at least it was in the 1950's. Back then there were two kinds of soap - Lifebouy and Ivory. There were four automakers - GM, Ford, Chrysler, and American Motors. There were no computers or Internet, and long-distance was used only to inform relatives of illness or death. A schoolteacher's most serious behavior challenge was passing notes in class. Families watched "I Love Lucy!" together. There was no MTV. Divorces were rare.
Today the choices that face us each day are awesome. Which of many Internet providers or long-distance services should you use? Which cell phone or notebook computer should you have? Where will you find the money for the special dress, chauffeur, and professional photograph required for your daughter's fifth-grade "Prom"?
The world is spinning so fast, and isn't likely to slow down soon. As usual, relief must come from within. While you can't change the world's pace, you are free to change and simplify your own life. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Most importantly, take time to create those special moments that "take your breath away."

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