Oregon Smoke Alarm Law

Oregon Smoke Alarm Law

Smoke Alarms

In Oregon, no person may sell a dwelling unless there is installed in the dwelling unit an approved smoke detector or smoke alarm installed in accordance with the rules of the State Fire Marshall. Because of this state law requirement, most residential real estate sale forms contain a representation by the seller that, at the earlier of possession or closing date, the dwelling will have an operating smoke detector as required by law. Sellers should anticipate the smoke alarm requirement and make sure their property is properly equipped prior to marketing the property.

Battery operated ionization smoke alarms sold or used in Oregon must have a 10-year battery and a “hush” mechanism which allows a person to temporarily disengage the alarm. All dwellings must have the proper type, number and placement of alarms as required by the building codes at the time the dwelling was constructed but not less than one alarm adjacent to each sleeping area and at least one alarm on each level of the dwelling. (Additional rules apply to rented property.) Information about smoke alarm and detector requirements in Oregon can found on the State Fire Marshall’s web site 

Real estate licensees are not trained in building code or fire code compliance. If there is any doubt about whether a smoke alarm or detector system complies with building and fire code requirements, a licensed home inspector, or the home alarm or detector company, should be contacted. Your real estate agent may be able to assist you in finding the right code compliance professional.


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