Fall sales are plugging along at a steady pace following the summer of activity. October saw 26 sales closings which likely were a result of August and September's activities. Each new listing that hits the market sees a flurry of activity sometimes resulting in multiple offers. 

Mt. Hood October sales for 2017

Recent RMLS statistics show a decline of nearly 26% comparing October 2016 to October  2017 and a total of a 15% decline year to date. This decline can easily be explained  by a lack of inventory in the market. Less homes to buy, less sales. 

Lets take a look at pricing points available in the November market for single family detached homes for sale. There are 49 available properties. About 25% of our current inventory is under $300,000! This is why people believe the market is slowing but not really, it's because of a lack of inventory. 

<$100,000                        1

$100,000-200,000            4
$200,000-$300,000          8
$300,000- $400,000         9
$400,000-$500,000          8
$500,000-$700,000         12
>$700,000                         7