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National Association of Realtors Portland Area Outlook

by Liz Warren

To keep you updated on the latest info on the Portland Metro area real estate outlook, I have provided a link to the October 2007 National Association of Realtors info. You can read this document and find out appreciation rates, subprime lending numbers, foreclosures and other interesting projections based upon economic factors and interest rate movement. Hit this link to download.

Tuesday Morning Coffe

by Liz Warren

The mountain market is adjustment state. Interest rates are going down, prices are adjusting. If you have good credit you can get a loan. Many current buyers want to purchase but are having a difficult time selling their existing homes in order to buy. As we move into November I suspect many will refinance with these great rates!



“So is cheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more remains.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


"If everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane." We've all read or heard similar humorous observations regarding the idea that, when all seems to be going well, it's merely the precursor to some sort of disaster. Unfortunately, many people seem to base their attitudes on that perception and, even more regrettably, they often permit such negativity to influence not only their lives but also the lives of others.

Is it possible you’ve never been guilty of this transgression? When a colleague made a particularly impressive sale, did you ever say something along the lines of "Well, it'll probably take forever to top that one!" or "Too bad you can't do that all the time, huh?"

Ever told someone going on a trip that you've been there before and had a terrible time? Even telling a child who brings home a good report card to "Keep it up!" can lessen the moment, because it implies that the current achievement isn't truly enough or that you fear poor performance in the future. Such statements carry “conditional approval” that demands future accomplishment as well.

One of the keys to harmony, in the workplace or at home, is for everyone to feel good - about themselves and about their accomplishments. The next time you have the opportunity to make a comment, take a moment and carefully consider what you're saying - and how you're saying it. Squash any negativity right then and there.

It's an attitude that’s easy to change once you're aware of it and its effect on those around you. Simply put, view the glass as being half full, not half empty. The power of negative thinking can make an even stronger impression than that of positive thinking, so be careful how you wield that power!


Attention Oregon Vets!

by Liz Warren

Here is a fabulous offer from McCormick & Schmick's Restaurant to Honor VETS on November 11....please read this news release:

McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants Honor Active Duty & Veterans

In their annual salute to all veterans McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants will again provide free meals in honor of Veterans Day. All veterans can receive a free lunch or dinner entrée at McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants nationwide on Sunday, November 11. Vets should show proper identification (VA card, VFW card, veterans ID,
DD214, discharge papers, etc.) Reservations Are Strongly Encouraged! In a show of thanks to our nation's veterans, Bill McCormick and Doug Schmick offer to serve those who've served at their McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants. Last year the company served nearly 15,000 vets nationwide. This year's event is taking place on the Sunday before Veterans Day so that families can participate. McCormick & Schmick's annual veterans program began as a small effort in just one
restaurant in 1999. Due to its overwhelming popularity and positive response received from veterans the program has expanded nationwide. A complete list of participating restaurants may be found at


ZigZag River Cabin

by Liz Warren

Ok, we've got another live one on the Zig Zag River.

$199,500  take a tour here

This is an immaculate two bedroom cabin only SEVEN minutes to the slopes. I really like the stone fireplace with a newer propane insert. One of the best things about this cabin is all the windows and it's so close to the river you can hear it from every room and nearly see it from every room!

BUY vs. RENT? No Brainer for building wealth

by Liz Warren



by Liz Warren


Join me for Monday Morning Coffee! I'll give a brief update on the local market and a little weekly inspiration! (This week, only inspiration) If you would like to receive this every Monday by email, please send me an email at
Place Monday Morning Coffee in the subject line.  Your copy will be on its way every Monday morning!
This week's

Top Five Pricing Considerations In This Market

by Liz Warren

Here are the top five pricing considerations for today's market and selling your property.

1. Increased  Inventory

2,Increased Mortgage Rates

3.Increased Mortgage Restrictions

4. Increased Vacancy Rates

5. Increased foreclosures

(cutesy of  Steve Harney)


Mortgage Industry Update

by Liz Warren

The mortgage industry is not in chaos and there is plenty of money available to loan. The industry has changed though. To  summarize some of the changes, and there are a few, here is a bullet list of some items for consideration when searching for a new loan and for understanding what is different since last year.

*161 lenders have closed their doors since 2006

*Underwriting standards are stricter than ever

*Credit scores less than 620 with little money  down are not eligible for subprime loans

*Buyers are turning to FHA and VA loans to get 97%  and 100% loans at reasonable rates

*Non-profit down-payment assistance programs are gone

*It's very tough to do a 1st and 2nd mortgage to finance a 90-95% loan of the sales price

*Jumbo loans (over $417,000) are now quoted at  7.5% or more depending on the borrower and their down-payment

*Jumbo loans often require two appraisals-one by  the lender and one by the investor

*Lenders are very cautious about fraud these days

Lenders are searching for risk reduction. and scrutinizing loans heavily which have low FICO scores (credit scores), stated income borrowers, low down-payments, and high dept to income ratios.

I would highly recommend  you search for an experienced mortgage broker if you're looking for a first mortgage or refinance!


Fall Home Maintenance Tips

by Liz Warren

As we head into fall, here are a few tips to keep your property in tip top condition, Courtesy of Amos Home Inspections:

Winterize exterior faucets.

Check caulking around doors and windows. Repair or replace, if necessary.

Check for cracks and openings in exterior siding, fill with caulk, if necessary.

Check exterior siding and trim for peeling paint or exposed wood. Prep and paint, if necessary.

Clean leaves and tree debris from gutters and downspouts.

Trim vegetation away from house and roof.

Drain or maritally drain water heater. Follow manufacturer's recommendation.

Check furnace filters, repair or replace, if necessary.

Pending Sales

by Liz Warren

Despite the doom and gloom of the media drums, the mountain market currently has 21 pending sales! 

Under $200,000    8 pending

$200,000 to $300,000    4 pending

$300,000 to $500,000    9 pending

These numbers include three forest service cabins and two properties in Government Camp. Forest cabin invenotry is down to three properties listed so if you want a cabin for skiing this winter, now is the time to buy.

And for my shameless plug: This forest service cabin is on the market right now at $109,500!


Call me today for details! 503-705-3090

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